Principles, behavior, skills

The main ability of a tester is to have no fear for discuss requirements and asking for

  • whole picture first,
  • details.

The main behaviour of a tester is do not rush with any conclusions about software and to always start with

  • Stop! Explain this software, even if it looks understandable. What are the purposes of this software? Why this functionality is needed? How it should work?
  • Stop! I need a time for think (analyze this).
  • Stop! What are the final expectations?

The basic skill of a tester is to imagine (and to write them as scenarios) a chain of situations

  • where the software is intended to work ‘as expected’ (correct user login),
  • those that may happen, and should be tolerated by software (wrong user login),
  • those that should not be tolerated, even if they are possible (wrong data encoding).

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