Software Testing Glossary

Автор: | 14.12.2016

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This is not an another ’Full glossary of terms used in Software Testing’, or ’Let’s bring together every known term in our industry, because everyone needs it. . . ’.

I just had to notice my own definition dictionary of some terms, so I did it.

English is not my native language, so you can ping me about ANY inaccuracy in this doc. Thank you in advance.

This doc will be updated, if needed.

Also you can:

  1. ask me, if something wrong or unclear.
  2. understand, that some terms require a detailed explanation, which is a subject of a whole lesson, apart from of a glossary.
  3. use and share this doc in any way with no commercial purposes.

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  1. Мимо шел

    Всё на басурманском языке – ничего не понятно.

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